Lee R. Ford

Lee R. Ford & Associates

When the accounting firm of Lee R. Ford & Associates wanted a new logo, B Plus C Communications created a two-color identity design featuring a trio of interlocking plus signs, symbolizing the mathematical underpinnings of the firm’s practice. An optical illusion produces one of the plus signs out of the void between the other two, … Continued …

Automotive Sales Training Systems

Automotive Sales Training Systems

Automotive Sales Training Systems teaches vehicle salespeople to understand the needs and psychology of prospective buyers, creating the kind of trust that can guide transactions—and careers—to success. Less-effective but more-common training methods lead to sales-staff turnover, a widespread problem in the industry. After one year, ASTS graduates remain on the job at more than twice … Continued …



ARCA racing team WebeRacing needed a high-visibility logo for its primary car, one that would be easy to prepare on a computer-driven vinyl cutter. B Plus C Communications produced a design that highlights the “W” in the team’s name (also the last initial of its driver) with a look that says “speed.”

Master Plan introduction

Crown Hill Heritage Foundation

In consultation and coordination with strategic partners in its community, the not-for-profit Crown Hill Heritage Foundation completed a Master Plan designed to anticipate rather than react to fundraising needs for historic Crown Hill Cemetery. B Plus C Communications created a direct-mail campaign addressing the goals of planned support and seeking donor engagement. The campaign included … Continued …

Thurston Springer logo revision

Thurston Springer Miller Herd & Titak

B Plus C Communications analyzed our client Thurston Springer’s logo, which required either four or five spot colors to print, including light gold, dark gold, dark blue, black, and an opaque white ink behind it when it appeared on dark backgrounds. We knew we could lower our client’s printing costs by reducing the number of … Continued …



Networking, IT, and civic-surveillance experts AllThingsIT wanted a set of sell sheets that presented the essence of some of its core services, establishing a personality for what otherwise might seem like an impersonal, intimidating part of business technology and infrastructure. B Plus C Communications created a series of pieces that our client could print either … Continued …

B Plus C Communications capabilities

B Plus C Communications

How do you set yourself apart in a crowded field? At B Plus C Communications, we wrestled with that question until the day we realized that a cat’s successful bids for attention achieved the same results as a successful marketing campaign. Solution to the capabilities brochure problem: Showcase the cat and tell his authentic story. … Continued …