Indiana Dental Association thematic images

The Indiana Dental Association’s Annual Session brings together practitioners from around the state for continuing education and fellowship. When the Association used a thematic tag line (“Beyond Tomorrow, Beyond Ourselves”) to tie together one year’s activities, B Plus C Communications created a signature image for use on printed pieces that signed up exhibitors, registered participants, provided a direct-mail reminder of the impending event, and guided attendees through their onsite activities. The image also served as the cover of one issue of the Association’s quarterly magazine. Of these five uses, two appeared in two-color pieces printed with spot-color inks, and three ran in four-color process. With some rearrangement of image elements and a specialized color conversion, we made all five versions match, despite their widely divergent output processes.

In this composite, we’ve shown (clockwise from top left) the four-color registration brochure, magazine, and on-site guide covers, followed by the two-color exhibitor prospectus and mailer.

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