Big picture, little picture

Business people spend lots of time asking themselves big-picture questions. “Will adding this product improve my overall bottom line?” “How should I communicate the need to raise my rates without alienating my current customers?” “How long can I maintain my current website without it looking out of date?”

Big decisions, high stakes, important outcomes. Calculating all the factors that fold into these decision-making processes can seem like a deep dive into endless details.

While you’re keeping your eye on your long-term success, it’s important to remember that your big picture is made up of lots of little pictures. It’s easier to climb a steep hill while you’re watching your feet than if you’re constantly eying the horizon. If you make careful, thoughtful lists of the details you need to work through, you can turn big decisions into checklists of little choices. Nibbling away at your goal makes it easier to reach, and can halt the frustration that leads to impulsive decisions born out of impatience.