Is this you?

You run fundraising activities at a non-profit organization. You need to grow your donor base, launch a capital campaign, publicize a new programming initiative. You’d like some help so you can hit your targets, get the job done sooner, and free yourself up for other responsibilities. But where do you find someone with the expertise and the insights to share your challenges and help you reach your funding goals?

You’re in charge of marketing a “small” company. (Technically, that’s any firm with fewer than 500 employees.) You can’t afford the cost of a full-time, salaried creative team to put your plans and programs into tangible form. But in the cluttered proliferation of consultants and freelancers, it’s tough to find someone who understands your needs and does great work in response to them. What do you do next?

You’re on your own. Self employed, entrepreneur, independent consultant: Whatever you call yourself, you’re everything from receptionist to marketing department—and that marketing department could use some help. You want to spread the word about what you build, sell, repair, create, prevent, or resolve. But you’re so busy running a business, you don’t have time to market your business. Let alone figure out the best way to communicate the unique benefits you offer your customers or clients. Now what?

That’s where we come in. We’re B Plus C Communications, and we can help.

Since 1990, we’ve been working with not-for-profit groups, small companies, and entrepreneurial consultants, helping them reach their communications, marketing, and advertising goals. When it comes to connecting your message with your markets, let us show you what we can do for you.

Our project case studies show you some of the ways we’ve approached past challenges, and how we delve into our clients’ needs and problems to help them find solutions.