Tomorrow’s Canopy campaign

The emerald ash borer first reached the United States in the 1990s, stowing away in wooden shipping crates bound for Michigan from China. In the insect’s native habitat, many trees display natural immunity to it, but in the U.S., thousands fall prey to its devastating effects every year. At historic Crown Hill Cemetery, this invasive pest has killed nearly 350 trees.

The not-for-profit Crown Hill Heritage Foundation embarked on a fundraising campaign called “Tomorrow’s Canopy,” designed to purchase, plant, and nurture 200 trees to offset insect activity. The campaign combined a crowd-sourced online initiative with a printed newsletter that reached additional donors through direct mail. B Plus C Communications researched, wrote, designed, and produced the “Tomorrow’s Canopy” publication for distribution in print and as a digital download from the Crown Hill Heritage Foundation website.

View or download the publication here.