B Plus C Communications capabilities

B Plus C Communications

How do you set yourself apart in a crowded field? At B Plus C Communications, we wrestled with that question until the day we realized that a cat’s successful bids for attention achieved the same results as a successful marketing campaign. Solution to the capabilities brochure problem: Showcase the cat and tell his authentic story. … Continued …

Unexpected places for critical and creative thought

You’ve got a deadline staring you in the face, and the ideas you need to finish a proposal or project have vacated your conscious mind. The more desperately you need to finish something, the more your ability to brainstorm can seem to dry up. And then you hop in the shower, onto the treadmill, or … Continued …

Boone County Senior Services

Boone County Senior Services

Many not-for-profit organizations, especially those that provide vital social services to otherwise under-served populations, stand or fall on their infrastructure’s ability to support their programming. When Boone County Senior Services outgrew its longtime headquarters in Lebanon, Indiana, its not-for-profit foundation embarked on a capital campaign aimed at raising the $2,000,000 necessary to build a new … Continued …



ARCA racing team WebeRacing needed a high-visibility logo for its primary car, one that would be easy to prepare on a computer-driven vinyl cutter. B Plus C Communications produced a design that highlights the “W” in the team’s name (also the last initial of its driver) with a look that says “speed.”

Tomorrow’s Canopy campaign

Crown Hill Heritage Foundation

The emerald ash borer first reached the United States in the 1990s, stowing away in wooden shipping crates bound for Michigan from China. In the insect’s native habitat, many trees display natural immunity to it, but in the U.S., thousands fall prey to its devastating effects every year. At historic Crown Hill Cemetery, this invasive … Continued …

Tangram (formerly Independent Residential Living of Central Indiana)


Independent Residential Living of Central Indiana sought to rebrand itself with an identity that more closely reflected how its services and mission had evolved since it was founded. The not-for-profit organization chose Tangram, naming itself after a classic puzzle that challenges you to build shapes out of a set of seven geometric forms, including five … Continued …

Thurston Springer

Thurston Springer Miller Herd & Titak

Financial consultants Thurston Springer Miller Herd & Titak wanted a brochure for use in presentations to prospective clients. B Plus C Communications created a piece that met our client’s visual requirements: Incorporate the look of the frosted-glass wall of their conference room, and show the view from the windows of their north-suburban Indianapolis location. Using … Continued …