Congressional Choice

Congressional Choice

At the same time that Indiana educational trends pointed to rising high school dropout rates, many Hoosier college students who wanted to pursue teaching careers sought other opportunities because of the widening gap between teacher pay and the compensation in other professions. The Congressional Choice for Educational Excellence scholarship program was designed to help would-be … Continued …

Thurston Springer

Thurston Springer Miller Herd & Titak

Financial consultants Thurston Springer Miller Herd & Titak wanted a brochure for use in presentations to prospective clients. B Plus C Communications created a piece that met our client’s visual requirements: Incorporate the look of the frosted-glass wall of their conference room, and show the view from the windows of their north-suburban Indianapolis location. Using … Continued …

Master Plan introduction

Crown Hill Heritage Foundation

In consultation and coordination with strategic partners in its community, the not-for-profit Crown Hill Heritage Foundation completed a Master Plan designed to anticipate rather than react to fundraising needs for historic Crown Hill Cemetery. B Plus C Communications created a direct-mail campaign addressing the goals of planned support and seeking donor engagement. The campaign included … Continued …

B Plus C Communications capabilities

B Plus C Communications

How do you set yourself apart in a crowded field? At B Plus C Communications, we wrestled with that question until the day we realized that a cat’s successful bids for attention achieved the same results as a successful marketing campaign. Solution to the capabilities brochure problem: Showcase the cat and tell his authentic story. … Continued …

Master Plan outreach

Crown Hill Heritage Foundation

Crown Hill Cemetery embarked on a Master Plan to support this historic not-for-profit institution’s restoration, preservation, and community-partnership needs. Following up on the opportunities and challenges of this document, the Crown Hill Heritage Foundation used direct mail to reach its donor audience with a message about the cemetery’s origins. Titled “From Strawberry Hill to Crown … Continued …

The (inverse) power of 3

Spend even a small amount of time watching TV and you’ll run into commercials in which an advertiser uses three actors to portray the range of diversity in the population that uses its products or services. One after another, each of the three “characters” looks into the camera and intones the same line of dialog. … Continued …

On Your Level Youth Project

On Your Level Youth Project

Through media, multimedia, and in-person experiences aimed at teen audiences, On Your Level Youth Project promotes communication and understanding in a diverse world. B Plus C Communications created a logo that symbolizes the not-for-profit group’s message of bridging gaps among genders, races, and belief systems.