Because of the importance of building an online presence, naming a new company means creating an identity that hasn’t already been registered as a domain name, which explains some of the (in our humble opinion) downright goofy and contrived names that pop up. For a tech-tutorial website concept focused on graphics software, B Plus C … Continued …

Senior Smiles logo

Alliance of the American Dental Association

The Alliance of the American Dental Association is a national organization of dental spouses who support their life partners’ profession with community-education and legislative initiatives. AADA launched an outreach program targeting the dental health of older adults. B Plus C Communications created the campaign logo, along with a brochure designed to fit into kits of … Continued …

Arts & Sciences

Arts & Sciences

For a technology-oriented company that specialized in providing computer systems and services for the graphic arts, B Plus C Communications created a typographic logo that matched up precisely geometric letter forms with a swirling, graceful ampersand. The combination of hard-edged and curved shapes echoed the focus of the client’s business, aptly named for its products … Continued …

Tangram (formerly Independent Residential Living of Central Indiana)


Independent Residential Living of Central Indiana sought to rebrand itself with an identity that more closely reflected how its services and mission had evolved since it was founded. The not-for-profit organization chose Tangram, naming itself after a classic puzzle that challenges you to build shapes out of a set of seven geometric forms, including five … Continued …

On Your Level Youth Project

On Your Level Youth Project

Through media, multimedia, and in-person experiences aimed at teen audiences, On Your Level Youth Project promotes communication and understanding in a diverse world. B Plus C Communications created a logo that symbolizes the not-for-profit group’s message of bridging gaps among genders, races, and belief systems.

Thurston Springer logo revision

Thurston Springer Miller Herd & Titak

B Plus C Communications analyzed our client Thurston Springer’s logo, which required either four or five spot colors to print, including light gold, dark gold, dark blue, black, and an opaque white ink behind it when it appeared on dark backgrounds. We knew we could lower our client’s printing costs by reducing the number of … Continued …

Uneeda Audio

Uneeda Audio

An audio electronics guru wanted a logo for his consulting business, named after an old-school cookie product. B Plus C Communications created a design that plays off the fact that the same letter ends the first and begins the second word of the name. The look also captures the two-sided nature of our client’s business, … Continued …