On Your Level Youth Project

On Your Level Youth Project logo

Through media, multimedia, and in-person experiences aimed at a teen audience, On Your Level Youth Project promotes communication and understanding in a diverse world. B Plus C Communications created a logo that symbolizes the not-for-profit group’s message of building a strong base of understanding to bridge gaps between genders, among races and belief systems.

Congressional Choice

Congressional Choice logo

At the same time that Indiana educational trends pointed to rising high school dropout rates, many Hoosier college students who wanted to pursue teaching careers sought other opportunities because of the widening gap between teacher pay and the compensation in other professions. The Congressional Choice for Educational Excellence scholarship program was designed to help would-be … Continued …

Arts & Sciences

Arts & Sciences logo

For a technology-oriented company that specialized in providing computer systems and services targeting the graphic arts, B Plus C Communications created a typographic logo that matched up precisely geometric letter forms with a swirling, graceful ampersand. The combination of hard-edged and curved shapes echoed the focus of the client’s business, aptly named for its products … Continued …

Lee R. Ford

Lee R. Ford logo

When the accounting firm of Lee R. Ford & Associates wanted a new logo, B Plus C Communications created a two-color identity design featuring a trio of interlocking plus signs, symbolizing the mathematical underpinnings of the firm’s practice. An optical illusion produces one of the plus signs out of the void between the other two, … Continued …

Crown Hill Heritage Foundation pocket folder

Crown Hill Heritage Foundation pocket folder

One of the most famous memorials within the 555 acres of Crown Hill Cemetery, the third-largest non-governmental cemetery in the U.S., honors Mary Ella McGinnis, who died on August 6, 1875, at the age of six. If you stand in just the right spot at the right time of day, her statue appears to return … Continued …

Thurston Springer logo revision

Thurston Springer Miller Herd & Titak logo revision

B Plus C Communications analyzed our client Thurston Springer’s logo, which required either four or five spot colors to print, including light gold, dark gold, dark blue, black, and an opaque white ink behind it when it appeared on dark backgrounds. We knew we could lower our client’s printing costs by reducing the number of … Continued …

Senior Smiles logo

Senior Smiles logo

The Alliance of the American Dental Association is a national organization of dental spouses who support their life partners’ profession with community-education and legislative initiatives. AADA launched an outreach program targeting the dental health of older adults. B Plus C Communications created the campaign logo, along with a brochure designed to fit into kits of … Continued …